Sales Tax Certificate Administration
Sales Tax Certificate Administration
Sales Tax Certificate Administration

Sales Tax Certificate Administration

Our Carixa™ Credit-to-Cash platform includes a labor saving compliance solution that takes the burden of Reseller Sales Tax Certificate Management off the shoulders of financial and tax departments while reducing the possibility of non-compliance penalties. This is offered as a turnkey SaaS internet application supported by the our USA administrative staff.

Because managing sales tax certificates it is a tedious and labor-intensive process, companies are often unable to keep Reseller Sales Tax Certificates up-to-date. This may comes at a stiff price, as failure to maintain required documentation results in unnecessary taxes and penalties, as well as hundreds of hours spent preparing for protracted audits.

Our Sales Tax Certificate Management system is a seamless online solution that can eliminate the headache and cost of collecting and managing certificates by combining backroom experts with advanced technology. Companies get a solution that eliminates the time spent requesting, collecting, updating and archiving certificates – while maximizing compliance.

Smyyth Sales Tax Certificate Management has taken a big step forward in reducing the overhead costs, as well as the non-compliance and tax penalties that occur when there is a sales tax audit.

  • Slash overhead associated with reseller sales tax compliance
  • Eliminate penalties and excess taxes due to non-compliance
  • We monitor, updates, scans, and archive certificates
  • We provide system-system upload of status
  • You have highly secure access to your customer records 24X7
  • You receive a complete service, end-to-end

By putting Smyyth’s technology and backroom experts to work, you can cut overhead and unnecessary penalties and taxes due to non-compliance, while enabling employees to boost productivity in other vital areas.

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