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Carixa is an advanced credit-to-cash automation engine. It delivers workflows, rules, and processes that drive autonomous actions for receivables management that help you accelerate cash flow and profits.

But Carixa is more than powerful algorithms and robotic process automation. Its true power comes from 40 years of hands-on expertise working side-by-side with customers. We know your challenges, and we have proven solutions to solve them. All of that functionality is baked into Carixa. From corporate credit controls to true auto-cash application, autonomous collection dunning, and a deduction validation and matching solution.

Accounts receivable automation benefits include superior cash flow, trade promotion management, and customer dispute and deduction management combined with error-free, streamlined operations.



Carixa uses machine learning to match 99.9% of payments received ​​to open invoices so you can reconcile all payments by the end of each day.

  • Eliminate 75% of manual tasks using RPA bots for web portals
  • Quickly translate, clear and match remittances to invoices, credits and deductions
  • OCR of checks eliminates bank lockbox keying fees

Deductions Automation

Carixa determines legitimate deductions and provides insight into how to reduce future deductions so you can minimize write-offs to improve company profits.

  • Deductions automatically created and inserted into resolution workflow
  • Reduces revenue and profit dilution
  • Save 50% or more on labor costs

Other cloud software modules that streamline your Receivables processes

Collections Automation

Carixa auto-sends dunning letters and prioritizes daily calls so you can operate more efficiently and focus on calls that most impact cash flow.

Trade Promotion

Carixa streamlines trade promotion management, approvals, fund accrual accounting, deduction matching, credits, chargebacks, with deduction workflow.

Credit Automation

Carixa determines customer credit risks, monitors their scores, manages approval process and communicates credit risk policies so you can reduce bad debt.

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