Cash Application Automation Software

Carixa Auto-Cash is an automated cloud cash application system that supports high volumes, works with any ERP system, and scales with your business.

Your goal should be to achieve daily 100% straight-through processing of remittances of all types. Carixa streamlines operations and eliminates repetitive work and the associated delays and human errors that go with it.

You must close cash receipts daily to update accounts receivable, credit limits, and collections priorities. Yet, most "auto-cash" systems leave a significant percentage of manual work.

Matchable remittances can be 95% or even higher, depending on the industry. Any exceptions are posted as A/R debit-credit entries with resolution workflow built in, so you can close the books while retaining auditable accountability.

As an option, you can even use our cash remittance analyst team for any leftover tasks.

Automatic cash application
Automatic cash application

Cash Application Automation for Increased Eficiency

We configure Carixa Auto-Cash to instantly process payments and match the remittances to invoices, credits, and deductions. If a new deduction or dispute is created, it jump-starts the customer deduction management workflow.

Carixa autonomously connects to get backup data, such as from customer portals, bank systems, and other internal and external systems. It accepts and interprets data, PDFs, emails, and documents in almost any format.

Our powerful, multilevel, multisource matching algorithms and automated debit and credit transaction workflows enable you to achieve the highest automated match rate in the industry.

Auto-Cash Benefits

  • 99%+ straight-through processing of remittances from all sources
  • 25%+ gain in collector effectiveness with daily updates of collection queues
  • Self-correcting, machine learning
  • Posts exceptions “on account” and into closure workflow
  • Eliminates 75%+ of work using RPA bots for web portals
  • OCR of checks and remittances eliminates fees from bank lockbox keying
  • Automatically creates and inserts deductions into the Deduction Resolution workflow
  • Optional Trade Promotion module for automatic deduction and trade deal validation

Product Details

Carixa Auto Cash Application automation works seamlessly with any Receivables system or seamlessly integrated with Carixa collections, credit, and deduction management.

Carixa includes automated, robotic process BOTs that retrieve bank statements, deposits, lockbox receipts, ACH receipts, and more from external systems. All these processes are automated.

  • Interpret and process BAI, ACH, Credit Card, MT940, EDI, PDF, emails, and spreadsheet data
  • Scanning/OCR documents
  • Data extraction from email, attachments
  • Extract data from customer portals
  • Parent-child matching and customer-specific processing rules
  • Multi-variable, multisource field matching
  • Deduction reason-code translation
  • Adjusts for cash discounts, freight charges, etc.
  • Issues chargebacks and debit memos direct into the workflow
  • Posting to "on account" payments

On-time and accurate daily cash remittance closing will keep the collections department focused on priorities, enable better cash forecasting, and keep your financials up to date.

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Contact us to learn more about how this Carixa module can function independently or as part of a total Accounts Receivable software system.

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