What’s Our Story

Smyyth offers order-to-cash cloud automation, plus operations support for the revenue lifecycle. Smyyth was founded in 1906 in New York City as “Alberta-Smyth” and has always focused on providing solutions for credit and accounts receivable and, as a former subsidiary of Creditek (founded by our Chairman), has the legacy and depth of experience resulting from managing tens of billions of dollars of accounts receivable and deductions for over 100 Fortune 1000 clients.


Our services include the Carixa Cloud Order-to-Cash Suite,  as well as A/R Outsourcing (BPO), Deduction Audit & Recovery, and short-term receivables “cure” projects,

We are easy to deal with, and if we promise it, we deliver.

Carixa™ Autonomous A/R Operations

Carixa Cloud End-to-End Order-to-Cash Suite streamlines operations and improves results for A/R, Cash Application, Collections, and Deduction Management. Robotic process automation eliminates repetitive work, and the Carixa IA drives all actions. Carixa is a powerful, modular, and customizable SaaS application that works with any ERP system with fast implementation by our team, no consultants required. 

Carixa is designed for “production” in the A/R function,

  • Integrate strategy, priorities, and plans with the work that needs to be done so that staff is accountable for results.
  • Automate operations, so the right priorities are always in front of the right people, and nothing is overlooked.
  • Use RPA to incorporate trading partner documents and data and integrate them with internal work processes.

100% Auto-Cash Application

Close enough to call 100%. Using powerful algorithmic structures, client, industry, and customer-specific rules, and including credit memos, writeoffs, and chargeback notices pushed directly into your corporate workflow. We can achieve a 99.99% autonomous completion rate.

Credit Risk, Scoring, Credit Lines

Cartixa Credit includes scoring, automated credit lines, monitoring, workflows, action escalations, e-signatures, documents, controls, auditable histories, and much more. It is highly automated and controlled, so management can focus on what’s important, knowing that corporate risk guidelines are being followed.


All companies have cash tied up in stagnant accounts receivable, in many cases “frozen” due to systems that do not effectively drive or prioritize collection, and locked in disputes and deductions in aging buckets. Routine collections for late payers are automated, enabling you to easily toggle your collection contact rules to meet your cash goals. Including Carixa Pay provides a click-through payment method embedded in the collection email, improving collections from small customers by a significant amount.

Trade Promotions

Trade Promotion accruals, approval workflows, reconciliation against claims and deductions, and resolution of excessive deductions are integrated into the system. Exceptions can be escalated to brokers, sales reps, or management, or automatically completed through rules.


We automate the process and apply deduction expertise to get great results. The revenue and profit diluting effects of excessive customer deductions eat away at your profits, in many industries amounting to 5 to 20% of revenues.  This requires an expert process and profit-audit-recovery.  Examples include invalid cash discounts, returns with incorrect quantities or pricing or shortages, invalid shipment shortage claims, or inapplicable promotional deals. We also often find that up to 50% of the post-audit claims are invalid.

Matching and Reconciliation

Cartixa Match automates account and transaction matching and reconciliation on any scale, from hundreds to millions of transactions. One example is the reconciliation of deductions vs. credit memos and product returns down to SKU,  NDC, or even serial numb; the output is automatically pushed by workflow to chargeback, credit, writeoff, or exception handling.

RPA for Customer, Carrier Web Portals

Carixa RPA Retriever automates the process of fetching and delivering documents and data needed, including orders, deduction notices, invoice copies, proofs of delivery, etc. The system recognizes when something is needed, accesses the relevant portal, fetches it, then delivers it to whoever needs it.  A simple example is proof of delivery fetched and auto-emailed to the customer because the system spotted the invoice was over 20 days late. This provides autonomous processing with customers, logistics partners, and internal systems.