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Robotics Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) is software technology that efficiently executes routine daily tasks that would otherwise slow down your team and rob you of productivity. Robotic processes are programmed to simulate human actions and workflows – including complex, multi-step processes and contingent actions. So, you can speed operations, reduce revenue slippage, and increase profits.


Custom AR Automation Robotic Solutions To Meet Your Needs

Carixa Robotics automatically connects to customer and carrier portals, and to your own disparate systems. Robotic processes extract, interpret, complete, or re-assign claims, deductions, proofs of deliveries, and other documents you need to accelerate your cash flow. Those same bots also dispute and counter claims by uploading and responding autonomously.

We provide this as a turnkey automated service using A/R process automation, AI and machine learning. Carixa RPA tools are very flexible, so whatever your need to streamline access to trading partner systems, we can provide a scalable, custom solution to meet your needs.

Robotic Process Automation Ideas

  • Upload/download/transmit documents and data
  • Acquire pre-deduction notices before they are deducted
  • Acquire claims, rebates, and return details from customer and processing centers
  • Reconcile claims - deductions with receiving data
  • Identify skipped invoices and automatically submit copies
  • Acquire PODs from carriers and transmit them to the customer
  • Monitor customer systems to verify the timing of upcoming payments
  • Acquire and track Reseller Sales Tax Certificates
  • Obtain digital documents from any source
  • Obtain/append documents attached to Invoices, deductions, contracts, or workflows
  • Acquire, then convert EDI data to your internal formats, codes, and custom forms
  • Access Customer Portals for documents

Product Details

Autonomously Fetch, Reconcile, Dispute, and Prevent Retailer Claims & Deductions

No longer will your staff need to burn time, manually navigating to customer and carrier sites. No more endless logging on, searching, downloading, cutting, pasting and printing documents or file data.

Carixa RPA software reduces the burden on your team by off-loading the low-value repetitive, simple tasks.

  • Retrieving/exchanging data, deduction notifications, debit memos, skipped invoice alerts, etc., with ERP systems, internally and with customers and other partners
  • Validating the data between systems
  • Reconciling line-level detail from web portals
  • Uploading documentation to customer/retailer portals
  • Downloading (and append/forward) documents from ERP, retailer, and carrier web portals for use in collection systems
  • Smart Actions, Workflows, Escalations using AI and best-practice rules and policies

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Contact us to learn more about how this Carixa module can function independently or as part of a total Carixa Accounts Receivable software solution.

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