Trade Promotion Settlement Software

Streamline Trade Promotion Management with Automated Settlement Solutions 

Whether you call it Trade Promotion Management (TPM), Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO), or Revenue Growth Management (RGM), the settlement process is fundamental to ensure accurate financial transactions and foster healthy partnerships.

Trade promotions and allowances are especially critical for RGM when selling through retailers and distributors - significantly impacting the cost of sales. Unfortunately, these programs create notable pressure on organizations to meticulously track and authorize the allocation of funds as trade deductions, off-invoice allowances, and billbacks by their customers.

Common challenges:

  • Sales and finance teams lose time validating 
  • Delayed actions drive higher aging on inaccurate deductions 
  • Inevitable write offs from poor data and manual overloads is bad for business
Trade Promotion Management Software


Trade Promotion Settlement Optimization

Replace your cumbersome, manual processes

Carixa utilizes Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to accurately support customer claims.  Furthermore, it pinpoints deal non-performance and helps recapture deduction errors that can drain your profits.

  • Easy to create or sync with your current deals and funds
  • Accrue the deductions and claims automatically
  • Extract your customer deductions from any source
  • Match, settle and close on the GL and adjust funds
  • Push to collection and dispute workflows

Carixa eliminates the drudgery of extracting data, validating and writing off what is good while leaving you only the true exceptions to negotiate.  



Save up to 80% of your processing time!

Settlement Automation for Trade Promotion Management

Trade promotions are a game of validation that often involve drudgery. However, with the increasing digitization of the enterprise, it's become easy to use robotics to read remittances and automatically reconcile them against planned or accrued deductions. With Carixa Trade Promotion Settlement software businesses can efficiently manage their trade promotions, improve financial accuracy, and foster stronger partnerships with their customers.

Product Details

Carixa’s integrated trade promotion settlement solution is an end-to-end streamlined SaaS system.

Carixa includes deal templates, approvals, fund accrual accounting, automated settlement, claim validation, deduction matching, and the workflow for a complete solution.

  • Use customizable deal templates with workflow for collaboration and role-based approvals with our trade promotion settlement software
  • Track fund/deal accrual balances and have a detailed audit trail of all transactions
  • Validate deductions against deals and sales invoices
  • Initiate credits, expense entries, and bill back excessive claims
  • Use integrated Deduction Management workflow to resolve disputes and recapture excessive deductions
  • Have both detailed and top-level views of your programs, in-system messaging, and multi-level approvals.

Contact us to learn more about how this Carixa module can function independently or as part of a total Carixa Accounts Receivable software solution.

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