Supercharge A/R Collections, Reduce and Recapture Deductions, and Protect Your Profits.
Smyyth+Carixa: The Ultimate Enterprise Solution

Proven Accounts Receivable Automation

Carixa is the proven SaaS solution that tackles even the toughest accounts receivable (A/R) challenges. Our platform excels in auto-cash application, deduction resolution, collection dunning, and credit management. With advanced BOTs, Carixa seamlessly integrates with other portals, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

What truly distinguishes Carixa is our extensive industry knowledge. With over 40 years of hands-on A/R management expertise, we offer intelligent automation designed to meet your A/R challenges with unmatched performance standards. Experience the difference with Carixa – where expertise meets excellence.

A/R, Collections and Deductions Solutions

With forty years of expertise in reducing delinquent A/R and managing deductions, Smyyth is a trusted partner in enhancing your shareholder value. We help you avoid revenue leakage by efficiently reconciling and recapturing excessive customer claims and deductions while addressing their root causes. Deduction overcharges can affect over 50% of claims.

Whether a fast-paced short term project to clean-up a backlog of aged invoices and deductions, or a longer-term integrated outsource, you can trust Smyyth to turn these challenges into opportunities for growth and profitability.

Consultative Approach

We listen to your needs and recommend the smartest solution to solve specific problems.

  • Feasibility studies with no sales pitch
  • Experienced A/R people who understand your needs
  • Our mission is intelligent automation and streamlined processes

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