Deductions Management

Prevent Chronic Deduction Losses

Our deductions management services begin with a root cause analysis to identify main areas of concern. Then, using Carixa software, we automate deduction management to accelerate resolutions with customers. We reconcile and collect customer deductions taken in error and we recommend modifications to your business processes to reduce ongoing preventable deductions. Overall, we help eliminate chronic “profit leakage” for long-term bottom-line impact.

Shift more savings to your bottom line

Our Deduction Profit Recovery team identifies and recovers invalid customer deductions for found money directly to your bottom line, including trade allowances, discounts, pricing, returns, and shortages. As a result, we have collected tens of millions of dollars for our clients.

Our multi-variable and sequential matching and reconciliation system can match-reconcile transactions on any scale, even millions of transactions. We also provide management reports that address the root causes we uncover and highlight improvement opportunities.

Service Benefits

  • Identify the root causes of preventable deductions
  • Increase dollar recoveries dramatically
  • Reverse credits to the P&L
  • Accelerate deduction processing time-frames
  • Re-deploy staff to high ROI activities
  • Clean up A/R backlogs
  • Guaranteed performance with success-based contingent fees

Service Details

There are several ways we can work with you to keep customer deductions under control, save administrative costs, and prevent profit leakage.

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Our team puts the power of Carixa software to work for you for deduction processing, including AI-driven workflow, write-off controls, management rules, dashboards and metrics. And we always keep you in the loop with detailed dashboards.

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Contact us to learn more about how this service can function independently or as part of an integrated accounts receivable solution.

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