A/R Consulting

Optimize your A/R processes

You can compress your Order-to-Cash cycle, improve A/R turnover and working capital, cut your DSO and reduce deduction revenue leakage using Carixa automation and industry best practices. Our order-to-cash consultants can put you on the right path.

Improve financial performance

Our team has order-to-cash operating backgrounds and decades of experience in accounts receivable software for cost reduction and process improvement. So you get practical advice with achievable recommendations to improve financial performance and eliminate root causes of chargebacks, disputes, and late payments.

Service Benefits

  • Reduce DSO, working capital, and increase cash flow
  • Increase collections using best practices, predictive prioritization using automation
  • Reduce DDO by improving deduction management processes and systems
  • Eliminate root causes of errors, deductions, and disputes
  • Accelerate credit approvals
  • Improve your vendor scorecard, and become a preferred supplier.
  • Assure better vendor compliance and reduce OTIF penalty deductions for billing, shipping, and order fulfillment errors.

Service Details

Typically, our projects are executed in five phases. We aim to implement quick “wins” as soon as identified, even in the “discovery” phase and throughout the project life cycle, to provide fast and sustainable ROI and establish a sound basis for the longer-term initiatives.

  • Discover – Understand your operations and the workflow by activity and function, and identify potential areas for improvement.
  • Analyze- Perform an in-depth review of your processes and systems, including benchmarking against best-in-class to quantify the potential for improvement. Synthesize our findings.
  • Recommend – Enhance organization, operations, and systems with a detailed report with key findings, recommendations, and next steps with expected ROI.
  • Implement – Get buy-in for the path forward, focusing on changing limiting conditions, and presenting a roadmap for resources, systems, processes, and tangible results.
  • Review – Follow through with six-month background monitoring of operations to assure the realization of expected results.

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Contact us to learn more about how this service can function independently or as part of an integrated accounts receivable solution.

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