Workflow Automation Software

Carixa workflows are intelligent, automated processes that handle the complex, customer-specific deductions and collections issues you face every day. When combined with Carixa robotic process automation, intelligent accounts receivable workflows solve the challenge of the essential - but often low-value - work that gets in the way of the core mission. Deduction processing backlogs, routine collections, customer portal access? Carixa can help you solve the web of communication challenges that arise when managing complex receivables.

Workflow automation software

Automatically streamline your A/R processes

Carixa workflows streamline the daily and weekly processes needed to run your accounts receivable operation. Appropriate actions are automatically initiated as a result of changes in invoice or deduction status. So when a chargeback or dispute is created, Carixa keeps your analysts on track to resolve the issues. If a customer needs a POD, a Carixa BOT gets it and starts the collection follow-up process

AR Workflows and Autonomous Collection Features

  • Workflows are “conditional,” triggered by the circumstances and status of a transaction
  • Workflows can be specific to the customer, type, age and status of a line item
  • Workflows will route an issue to the right person depending on what needs to be at that stage
  • Automated dunning and human escalations are built into the workflows
  • Workflows are powered by Carixa, the most automation-driven A/R system on the market


Simple 8-Step Manual Process

Customer Needs Proof of Delivery. A customer needs proof of delivery (POD) in order to pay a bill, so:

Simple 8-Step Manual Process

8-Step Process Reduced to 1-Step with Carixa Workflow and RPA

8-Step Process Reduced to 1-Step

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