Optimize Collections to Improve DSO, Cash Flow and Working Capital

Our team uses Carixa software to deliver the most comprehensive and powerful collection processing capabilities in the industry, including autonomous collection operations, workflow, controls, rules, dashboards, metrics, and root cause reporting. We provide fast integration so that you start seeing results almost immediately. And you are always in the loop, with access to detailed activities reports as well as management dashboards.

Get the scalable, expert collections support you need

We are a group of full-service accounts receivables experts, providing invoice collection services at any point in the revenue cycle. We will collect your invoices, solve your disputes, recapture your deductions, and deliver exceptional cash flow results.

Whether it’s an ongoing collection partnership or a short-term project to cure a collection management backlog, you will receive the highest-quality, customer-focused service performed by a 100% US-based team.

Service Benefits

  • Get the support of a dedicated manager and 100% US team
  • Our team uses Carixa software to automate and streamline your collections process
  • We keep you in the loop, collaborating on disputes, providing visibility to collection activity
  • Predictive payment scoring directs collection action to the chronic late payers and customers at risk
  • Systems integration is painless and easy as our technology works with any ERP

Service Details

The best-performing companies have low DSO, superior cash flow, fewer bad debts and disputes, and better customer relations. The financial gap between being “best-in-class” and “just average” is millions of dollars.

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) can vary as much as 50% in the same industry. That’s why we put the power of Carixa software automation to work for you to achieve greater cash flow, fewer write-offs, and better customer service.

Our team provides an immediate solution to turn frozen receivables to cash immediately – this month, not next year. We can scale our services from just one collections expert to a complete team that is ready to attack your entire past-due aging. To fully align our goals, we can even fund these programs from the results of our work.

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Contact us to learn more about how this service can function independently or as part of an integrated accounts receivable solution.

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