Best Practices for Amazon Chargeback Management

By admin | May 9, 2022

In the last several years, Amazon has become a giant accounts receivable deduction chargeback problem for their suppliers, and the back-door leakage of profits due to non-compliance with Amazon order, shipping, delivery, and fulfillment rules. Merchandise suppliers deal with many customers, and larger accounts like Amazon have detailed and specific policies, rules, and requirements that… Read more »

Frank Buck Joins Carixa Cloud as Director-Product

By admin | May 2, 2022

May 2, 2022 Frank Buck has joined Carixa as Director of Product and will be responsible for coordinating Carixa’s development, and systems design, in order to deliver powerful solutions that meet market needs. The Carixa Cloud Suite delivers powerful automation for accounts receivable processes, a capability often referred to as either “Order-to-Cash”, or “Invoice-to-Cash”. Carixa… Read more »

Auto-Cash Application Practices

By admin | April 15, 2022

The goal is 100% straight-through processing of remittances of all types, and we get very close. What we mean by “straight-through” is that all remittances are applied, with the few exception entries accounted for, so the financial accounts balance and the day’s cash can be closed out. Any follow-up exceptions are routed into an automated… Read more »

Best Practices For Proofs of Delivery and Freight Claims

By admin | April 7, 2022

Freight Claims represent a small percentage of revenues, yet in most cases enough to be a trackable revenue dilution, and a direct bottom-line loss if not managed properly. Most large corporations have professional traffic departments and some even have software to prevent losses. Many companies, however, are not able to dedicate the resources to do… Read more »

Best Practices: Post Audit Deductions  

By admin | March 7, 2022

What is a Post-Audit Deduction? Accounts payable post-auditors check closed transactions to find missed discounts, double payments, and incorrect pricing charged. However, in consumer products and retail, the real money is in trade promotion deals and process violations for which the auditor believes were not charged back (“bill-backs”) when the invoice was paid. These third-party… Read more »

Dr. Anna Costello – Strategic Advisor for Carixa Order-to-Cash Platform

By admin | March 1, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  New York, NY—March 1, 2022 Anna Costello, Ph.D., is joining the Advisory Board for Smyyth’s  Carixa Order-to-Cash Cloud, an advanced SaaS system. In this capacity, Dr. Costello will bring her significant research and experience to enhance predictive analytics for Carixa trade credit, collections, working capital, and revenue dilution (i.e, customer claims and… Read more »

Digital Signatures for Credit Applications – A Best Practice

By admin | February 14, 2022

Electronic Signatures, Digital Signatures, E-Sign Apps The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act and The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-Sign Act)  signed into law on June 30, 2000, provide general rules of validity for electronic records and signatures for transactions in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce. In addition,… Read more »

Post-Audit Claims Policy

By admin | February 2, 2022

Post-Audit Policy is Critical Post-Audit Deductions are one of the most vexing business issues faced by vendors, especially in the retail channel. Most post-audit claims are by third-party auditors paid a commission to charge you back  These claims can be one to several years old, representing hundreds of supposed infractions,  and are always difficult and… Read more »

Robotic Process Automation Speeds A/R Collection, Reconciliation

By admin | January 19, 2022

Administrative staff grinds through thousands of costly, mind-numbing, backlogged, and error-prone manual transactions. If you could eliminate this repetitive work, your staff could be redeployed to more important jobs.   The solution is Carixa Robotic Process Automation (“RPA”), either standalone or integrated with the Carixa Cloud Suite, SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Oracle, NetSuite, or your own legacy… Read more »