Deductions Automation

Automated Deduction Matching, Validation and Resolution

Chances are, you are losing entirely too much money on retailer and distributor deductions. Carixa Deductions makes it easy to get deductions under control.

Carixa validates deductions – and delivers insight to prevent future deductions – so you can minimize write-offs to reduce revenue dilution and improve profits.

Slash your DDO and Save 50% or More on Labor

Customer deductions, chargebacks, claims, and disputes are a huge headache. Researching the causes and resolving the issues is complex, time-intensive work that involves several departments.

Carixa end-to-end deductions automation provides fast processing times and maximum recovery, with minimum staff. So you can slash DDOs, save 50% or more on labor, and book higher profits with more money recaptured from customer errors.

Deductions Benefits

  • Best-practices rules through resolution
  • Categorize, assign, escalate, and track deductions to resolution
  • Smart workflows enable collaboration
  • Send automated correspondence to customers with document attachments
  • Inter-departmental collaboration
  • Automates retrieval of data and documents from customer and carrier portals
  • Optional integration with Carixa Trade Promotion module
  • Root Cause data to prevent deductions

Product Details

Chances are your ERP system isn’t doing enough to automate your deductions and your manual processes require way too many personnel hours.

Carixa uses a best-practices methodology, smart workflows, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate the entire process from cash application through matching, and research to final resolution. As a result, most actions, including system-to-system, are automated and vastly streamlined.

Collaborative workflows are configured based on customer, deduction type, and dollar amount for delegating to the assigned staff. Documents are automatically captured from internal, customer, and carrier systems. If a deduction needs to be credited or adjusted, approval thresholds assigned to each user are programmed into the workflows.

Carixa charges back customer deduction errors and follows through to collect the erroneous claims. Best of all, you get the insights you need to learn the root cause of deduction errors, so you can prevent them in the future.

Carixa automation will prioritize your work so your team can spend their time on the most important deductions. The result is reduced paperwork, streamlined processes, improved productivity and more profit to your bottom line.

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Contact us to learn more about how this Carixa module can function independently or as part of a total Accounts Receivable software system.

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