Let our people put the power of Carixa software to work for you

Our strategic co-sourced solutions seamlessly augment your team to handle critical functions and deliver increased efficiency. Using the Carixa Cloud Suite, we unlock working capital and reduce delinquencies, bad debts, and profit dilution from customer deductions. Modular components enable us to configure an A/R software solution scaled to your needs. Carixa’s autonomous operations make us extremely efficient.

As a trusted corporate partner with decades of experience, we deliver an effective blend of expertise and technology. That model helps us streamline A/R management and makes us uniquely qualified to produce best-in-class cash flow, customer service, and profits. We never offshore any of these services, so implementation is fast and customer support is responsive and helpful.


Deductions Management

Our team automates and manages deductions for trade promotion deals, cash discounts, shipping dates, billing errors, shortages, pricing differences, and shipping damage.

  • Streamlines and accelerates customer deduction resolution
  • Reconciles and collects customer deductions taken in error
  • Identifies root causes to reduce preventable deductions and chronic profit leakage

Other Services to Augment Your A/R Team

Cash Application

We use Carixa software to achieve a 99.9% completion-match rate, reconciling remittances from all sources to invoices, credits, and deductions.


Our team provides invoice collection management services at any point in the revenue cycle. We solve your disputes, recapture your deductions, and improve your cash flow.


We can recommend ways to shorten your Order-to-Cash cycle, reduce accounts receivable turnover and revenue leakage, and increase profitability and cash flow.


Our custom credit management services give you access to our professional credit staff to administer your credit functions, monitor exposures, and suggest credit lines.

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