Returns Variance Reconciliation

Why is Returns Variance Reconciliation Automation Important?

The purpose of Returns Variance Reconciliation is to identify the detailed differences between retailer product return Debit Memos vs. the Credit Memos issued by the manufacturer for errors in RMA, SKU, NDC, Lot Number, Quantity, Serial Number, and Pricing. The objective of this matching and reconciliation process is to ensure that the amount claimed and deducted is correct.


Returns Deduction Errors are the Rule, Not the Exception

Our automated debit memo vs. credit memo reconciliation is seamless as a daily process, or a special project when you need a "global" settlement spanning many returns for a key customer.

  • Carixa RPA BOTS retrieve and append data from ERP, returns processing centers and customer portals.
  • Automated debit-credit matching and reconciliation to RMA, SKU, NDC, Lot, Price, and Date Parameters.
  • Differences are charged back or expensed according to configurable rules and policies.
  • Actionable, detailed variance reporting is available.
  • Our services are scalable to any scope.
  • Lightning-fast implementation, usually 2-4 weeks.

Service Benefits

  • Daily matching, processing, and reconciliation keeps your A/R clean and auditable.
  • Friction-free, tedious manual labor is eliminated.
  • Ensure that returns are within your policies and the RMA.
  • Recover excessive deductions for profit instead of writing them off as an expense.

Automated Returns Matching & Reconciliation Process

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