A/R Consulting

Optimize A/R processes

You can compress your Order-to-Cash cycle, improve A/R turnover, DSO, and working capital, and reduce deduction revenue leakage using automation and industry best practices. Our consultants can make sure you get on the right path.

We’ll help you focus on meaningful work that “moves the needle” instead of wasting time on “frozen” receivables that jam up most of your resources but contribute little to the bottom line. Be sure to check out our Clean Slate Team services.

A/R Consulting Services
Improve A/R performance

Improve A/R performance

Our team has deep order-to-cash operating backgrounds with decades of experience, including using accounts receivable software to improve efficiency and deliver better cash flow and profits.

You get practical advice with achievable recommendations to improve financial performance and eliminate root causes of deductions, disputes, and late payments. We also offer the option of a fixed-price accounts receivable optimization diagnostic focusing on quick improvements for better cash flow and profitability.

  • Benchmark performance - identify gaps
  • Review credit, collections, deductions, and cash application
  • Evaluate the process, policy,  systems, and staffing levels
  • Recommend specific solutions

Service Benefits

  • Improve collections and cash flow
  • Control credit risks
  • Match staff priorities to corporate goals
  • Fix root causes of deduction losses
  • Solve root causes of late payments
  • Eliminate manual repetitive work
  • Reduce penalties for billing, shipping, and order errors.

Service Details

If you are considering implementing an accounts receivable automation system – whether our advanced Carixa Cloud Suite or a competitors' A/R software – our team can work with you on a strategic review of your objectives, policies, and processes. This can help set you up to achieve the optimal result from your investment.

We aim to implement quick “wins” as soon as identified, even in the “discovery” phase and throughout the project life cycle, to provide fast and sustainable ROI and establish a sound basis for the longer-term initiatives.

  • Discovery – Review operations by function to identify areas for improvement.
  • Analyze – In-depth analysis of policies, processes, and systems. Benchmarking against best-in-class to assess the potential improvement.
  • Recommend – Synthesize findings for organization, operations, and systems findings with a detailed report, with next steps and ROI.
  • Implement – Get buy-in with a roadmap for resources, systems, processes, and tangible results.
  • Review – Follow up with background monitoring to assure the realization of expected results.

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Contact us to learn more about how this Carixa module can function independently or as part of a total Carixa Accounts Receivable software solution.

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