Matching and Reconciliation on Any Scale

1,000    to   10,000,000+ Transactions


A/R, A/P, Deductions, Product Returns, Bank Reconciliations, Card Transactions, Inter-Company,  Forensics – any data from any sources.


Accounts Receivable, Bank Reconciliations, Credit Card Transactions, Inter-Company Disputes, Product Returns, Large Scale Forensic Examinations – Any Data From Any Sources.

Carixa-RM (Reconciliation and Matching)

We automate repetitive matching and account reconciliation routines. Utilizing robotic processes, we automatically capture relevant data from disparate systems and sources and process it with multi-level, configurable rules for error-free results.

Our software can match and reconcile tens of thousands of transactions in a matter of minutes. We automate all types of account reconciliation or matching processes on any scale.

High-volume account reconciliations are nearly impossible to complete with spreadsheets or outdated technology. This is especially so when the reconciliation must be at a granular level, such as SKU, NDC, Serial number, and data elements from multiple sources. Caruxa-RM automates this process almost entirely.

Sequential, 2nd, and 3rd Stage Matching

We condition unique 2nd and 3rd level sequential matching based on certain results in the prior stage.  For example, after an invoice, debit and credit are matched for product returns matching, and the system can proceed to match SKU, quantity, and price, ultimately generating credit and debit documents and accounting entries for an end-to-end solution.

Accounts Receivable

Your Accounts Receivable can be out of control for many reasons, leaving hundreds or thousands of unmatched deductions, invoices, credit memos, debit memos, and unapplied cash. If left unresolved, you are sure to have a significant loss. A straightforward example is a need for account reconciliation of customer returns against the customer debit memos to verify the price, detailed SKU (there may be dozens or hundreds on a single return document) and serial numbers. Source data can include inspection data, the receiving system, original invoicing data, and the customer debit memo and shipping documents.


Reconcile and properly apply credits and debits to avoid any unnecessary escheatment losses due to cash sitting on customer accounts and backlogs of unapplied credit memos, typically the result of prior misapplication of credits and cash receipts.

Auto-Cash Application Engine

Carixa-ACA can process, correctly apply, and resolve 99.9% of cash receipts from disparate sources, lockboxes, electronic payments, BACS, ACH, credit cards, and more. This software automates all manual labor, including deductions, chargebacks, and debit memos, creating and pushing them to a resolution workflow. The cash application process is configurable down to a dollar amount, customer,  code, and transaction category level.


Carixa -RM can handle the largest account reconciliation challenges, whether the problem is a massive rebuilding of many years and hundreds of thousands of records or a single strategic customer. Using configurable matching rules, multi-field matching, multiple sourced data, tolerances, and string searches, and after a simple online review and approval, your reconciled transactions are completed and corrected.

  • Clean up and validate accounts for audits
  • Collect 100% of what is owed vs. settling for cents on the dollar
  • Eliminate mass vendor statement reconciliation write-offs
  • Properly match credits and debits
  • Assure clean receivables
  • Avoid escheatment liability
More Benefits
Unlimited Reconciliation RulesetsTargeted rules can be applied to business units or a specific customer
Rulesets can analyze a sequence of matching rulesIncreased probability of matching
Matching tolerances set at dollar amounts or percentagesIncreased reconciliation rates with
All configuration performed through an intuitive UINo IT involvement required
SKU , NDC level credit debit matchingProduct level reconciliation, identify pricing discrepancies.

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