High-volume processes get out of control, leaving unmatched transactions - accounts receivable, accounts payable, billings, deductions, debit memos, credit memos, payments, whatever. If left unresolved, you are guaranteed a significant loss and writeoffs.

We automate all types of account reconciliation or matching processes with the Carixa Matching Engine on any scale, from hundreds to millions of transactions. Our technology embodies what is called "intelligent automation" and using powerful matching algorithms can reconcile tens of thousands of transactions in a matter of minutes, down to finite detail.

Using configurable rules with advanced multi-level field matching, string searches, and tolerances, we reconcile the accounts, then present the offsets for your review. Your reconciled transactions are updated in the Carixa payment reconciliation software and your financial system. In addition, we can employ system robotics in account reconciliation to autonomously capture relevant data or documents from disparate systems and sources as required.

Cleanup, Reconciliation and Deduction Revenue Recovery

Solve the largest reconciliation challenges with our transaction matching software, whether the problem is the account of a key business partner or the rebuilding of multiple years of transactions.

Returns, Deductions, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable

Multi-variable matching to granular levels, including SKU, NDC, Serial  Number. No matter how difficult, Carixa can accomplish the most serious matching problems on a standalone basis or integrated as part of the regular process.

High volume operational transaction matching and processing

Match in complex, high-volume transaction environments. An example would be where advance billings are adjusted by the payer based on actual results, requiring the payments to be reconciled and adjustments made.

Forensic Matching and Rebuilding

When things go wrong, they sometimes go really wrong, requiring a review, rebuilding, validation and reconciliation of thousands or even millions of transactions. Carixa automated account reconciliation can handle any scale and produce matches, with discrepancy analysis with resolution workflow.

Powerful matching algorithms plus AI

Using powerful and flexible matching algorithms, we solve the straightforward to the most complex matching challenges on a granular level. Carixa can handle any scale.


Some Benefits of Carixa Match and Reconciliation Technology

  • Collect 100% of your revenues instead of writing off unreconciled receivables
  • Solve massive reconciliations and write-offs
  • Properly match credits and debits
  • Avoid escheatment liability
  • Assure clean receivables and billing accounts
  • Prepare for audit



More Benefits

Unlimited Reconciliation RulesetsTargeted rules can be applied to business units or a specific customer
Rulesets can analyze a sequence of matching rulesIncreased probability of matching
Matching tolerances set at dollar amounts or percentagesIncreased reconciliation rates with
All configuration performed through an intuitive UIMinimal IT involvement
SKU level credit debit matchingProduct level reconciliation, identify pricing discrepancies