Trade Promotion Management Added to Carixa Platform
Trade Promotion Management Added to Carixa Platform
Trade Promotion Management Added to Carixa Platform

Trade Promotion Management Added to Carixa Platform


NEW YORK, NY – December 15, 2021 – Smyyth Technology LLC, developers of Carixa, the powerful cloud order-to-cash management platform, announced that it added Trade Promotion Management and Trade Deal Accrual tracking to its comprehensive platform. Carixa includes integrated modules for Corporate Credit, Collections, Deduction Management, Reconciliations, Sales Tax, and Auto Cash Application, and now Trade Promotion Management.

Trade Promotions represent a large percentage of revenues, often as high as 20%, for companies that sell to retailers or distributors. So verification and accurate processing are essential and very time-consuming and, like many manual operations, error-prone.

Carixa’s approach to Trade Promotion Management is innovative because of its seamless integration with cash application and deduction management. This integration enables the automated matching and processing of incoming trade deal deductions to the deal sheet, invoice data, and customer/deal accrual balances. 

The software identifies non-compliant or out-of-tolerance claims and charges them back to the customer or internal workflow. As a result, most trade claims are automatically processed and accounted for without manual intervention. In addition, Carixa retains detailed, auditable tracking of approvals and actions for all order-to-cash processes, including trade promotions.

About Carixa and Smyyth

Carixa™ is advanced cloud Order-to-Cash and accounts receivable software for large and mid-sized companies to accelerate collections and minimize revenue leakage due to deductions and disputes. Carixa also provides expert, technology-enabled managed services of accounts receivable functions, including credit, collections, deductions, trade promotions, returns reconciliation, and cash application through its affiliate Smyyth.

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