High-Performance Order-to-Cash / Accounts Receivable Software

Carixa OTC Cloud Suite is an exceptional solution for credit, collection, deduction, cash application, plus trade promotion management (TPM). Carixa™ will enable you to improve your collections and DSO, expedite and recover more deductions, and automate routine functions. This order-to-cash software incorporates workflows, rules, and strategies engines that drive productivity and results for all credit, collections, and deductions processes, including automated cash application processing.

Carixa is deployed by high-performance module (say, Carixa Collections, Carixa Credit Risk Management, or Carixa Cash Application) or for mid-market companies, as a unified system encompassing Order-to-Cash.

For large enterprises, it functions as a "bolt-on" to work side-by-side with an ERP or legacy system to provide a focused, high-performance productivity solution.  Utilizing AI and Robotic Process Automation, Carixa Order-to-Cash automation software is remarkably effective in dealing with routine as well as very complex receivables problems, as well as large transaction volumes.

The bottom line is, with Carixa Order-to-Cash (O2C) automation, you will optimize your accounts receivable, improve cash, working capital, and increase profits.

Carixa Interface Screenshot

We implement

We configure the system, set the workflows, rules, and strategies. Implementation can be as quick as three weeks.

Operational Simplicity

Carixa is designed to get your team up and running on day two.

Autonomous Operations

Routine, repetitive work is a thing of the past.


Mid-market to global giant volumes.

Cloud Software for Credit, Collections, Deductions, Trade Promotions, Cash Application & Matching

Robotic Process Automation /AI

Autonomous operations including data and document interchange with ERP, Customer, and Carrier portals eliminates slow, repetitive processes.


Easily configured and monitored by customer, risks, priorities, and rules - nothing overlooked, ever.

Action Push

Analysts alerted to significant new deductions, disputes, and payment problems.


Problems and exceptions escalated to managers, brokers, sales, or specialists via the system or by email.

Credit Management

Risk scoring, approvals workflow, monitoring, with financials and credit bureau data.

Collections Management

Autonomous "no-touch" early collection actions assure nothing slips through the cracks to meet your cash flow goals.

Deductions Management

Processing and actions by priorities, rules, and timelines, with autonomous upload/download from customer and carrier portals.

100% Automated Cash Application

Completes all remittance applications, including automatic chargeback generation and resolution workflow.

A/R Reconciliation Engine

Automated matching of A/R, returns, credits, debits to line-item detail level, SKU, NDC, or Serial Number.

Trade Promotion Management

Electronic plans and approvals, and tracking of accruals and claims with process workflows.


Management reporting by company, customer, category, associate, plus detailed root causes of deductions and returns and revenue slippage.

Payment Forecaster

.Access customer platforms to analyze upcoming payments, plus data from experience.


Automated access and download of proofs of delivery from carriers and transmission to customers.

Carixa OTC order-to-cash is driven by workflows that engage team members throughout the extended organization including Marketing (Trade Promotion Management), Credit, Collections, Deductions, Customer Service, Sales, Shipping, Receiving, and your outsource and service partners. This assures prompt problem resolution, provides accountability, and gives visibility to all constituents, including comprehensive analytics.

Workflows can be configured based on customer, issue type, amount, and channeled to the responsible parties. The old methods of chain emails to capture supporting documentation and approvals are a recipe for confusion and delay.

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