Automation without complexity™

High-Performance Credit, Collection, Deduction, and Accounts Receivable Management

Carixa™ Cloud will enable you to improve your DSO dramatically, cut bad debts, cut deductions, and significantly reduce operational overhead. The bottom line is that you can bank millions more in cash, reduce borrowing, and increase profits.

Carixa™ is a modular credit-to-cash system for mid-sized and large corporations that can be deployed standalone or as a high-performance “bolt-on” where you need real production. Whether you use the end-to-end system or one module to solve a problem, Carixa will enable you to maximize your performance. Furthermore, we designed it for rapid and easy implementation.

No consultants

No complexity

Fast implementation

Carixa™ Cloud is an exceptional solution for credit, collection, deduction, cash application and accounts receivable management. Carixa APEX™ (Actions, Processing, Escalation, and Execution) engines manage your processes according to your policies to provide you with the ultimate in credit and accounts receivable automation. One important feature of this technology is Carixa Retriever™, providing web data and document capture tools that change the way you operate. Carixa is web-based, with no software or hardware to purchase.

Carixa™ Benefits

Credit decisions streamlined

Collections – cash flow accelerated

DSO reduced

Deductions slashed

Disputes resolved

Cash App 100% Automated

Accounts reconciled

Root causes of leakage identified

Routine manual work eliminated

Seamless multi-system consolidation

Production optimized -one day proficiency

Carixa™ Rules and Strategies

Carixa™ Cloud is highly advanced with rules and strategies engines that drive all credit, accounts receivable, collection and deduction processes and workflows, including 100% automated cash application. Utilizing AI and Robotic Process Automation, Carixa is remarkably effective in dealing with very complex receivables problems, as well as large transaction volumes. Plus, you are always in the loop with Carixa collaboration.

Data and documents from any sources (internal, external, online).

Data is processed, analyzed and interpreted.

Decision output based on configurable rules.

Actions initiated according to rules.

Workflow established for any follow-through.

Robotic processing

Fully automated decision/action /response.

For information and a demonstration of Carixa’s features, contact Karen McCann at 1-888-313-3322 or