Access AP and Partner Portals Using Carixa Retriever™

Today, most large customers have on-line Supplier Portals for vendor self-service for accounts payable information. Unfortunately, for high volume operations, it is so labor intensive that it is not practical as an everyday tool. We have automated this process, which we provide as a service.

Supplier Portals

Shipper portals

Even disparate internal corporate systems

Using Robotic Process Automation, we identify, capture, interpret and process transactions based on configurable rules and experience, triggering responses and actions and following them through to completion. We perform the complete service for you. It can even be used to automate access to disparate internal systems.

We scan your receivables and anticipate or determine what needs to be done, and either complete, or initiate resolution. No longer will your staff need to navigate to customer or carrier sites and logon, search, download, cut, paste, and print documents. 100% of this manual labor can be eliminated and your team can redirect its efforts to more important work.


Retriever™ Robotic Process Solutions

Carixa Retriever connects to your Customer systems, your Internal systems, and your Shipper systems to extract, interpret, complete or assign (via powerful workflow), the critical documents and information need to accelerate your cash flow.  

“Pre-Deduction” Claims Resolution – Monitor and acquire pre-deduction notices for resolution before they are deducted.

Deduction-Credit Memo Reconciliation – Acquire claim, rebate and return detail from customer and processing centers and reconcile the claims with receiving data and your credit memos.

Proofs of Delivery – When invoices are past due, acquire PODs from carrier and transmit them to the customer for early collection action.

Skipped Invoice Intervention – Identify skipped invoices and proactively submit an invoice copy with a proof of delivery (POD).

Cash Flow Forecaster – Monitor key customer payments to forecast cash from invoices set up for payment.

Reconcile Returns or Receiving Data – Reconcile receiving data vs. credit memo and invoice detail and issue a debit/credit memo or A/P transaction. The system can approve for payment or create a debit memo for a shortage, pricing or compliance error, or create a credit entry for an overage, or a reconciliation document.

Reseller Sales Tax Certificates – Acquire certificates, which are indexed, reviewed, scanned and digitally stored in a customer master, and updated annually.

Digital imaging and Indexing – Scan, index and store any important documents from any source for online access when needed.

Text Translation Capabilities – Convert EDI data to your internal formats and custom forms.

Appending – Documents can be automatically attached to corresponding Invoices, Deductions, Contracts, or Workflow.


Improve your cash flow and profits

Accelerate speed of transaction processing

Improve customer satisfaction

Eliminate manual work


Our Carixa Robotic Automation tools are very flexible so whatever your problem, please speak with us to see if we can provide a scalable, custom solution to achieve your goals.