What is Returns Variance Analysis and Reconciliation?


Returns Variance Analysis and Reconciliation is the process of comparing, down to SKU and pricing detail, and then reconciling the differences between customer chargebacks vs. what was received and credited by the seller, the objective of which is to assure that the amount charged back is correct as to both price and quantity. This reconciliation can be performed on a return-by-return (RMA) basis, and also across many RMAs if a “global” settlement of the discrepancies is needed. In the case of large-quantity returns,  discrepancies are the rule and not the exception, and for the seller/manufacturer this invariable leads to a loss of profits due to returner errors.

Our Returns Variance  Analysis and Reconciliation services solve many problems that, without this automation, simply can not be completed successfully.

  • Daily processing or periodic cleanups
  • Our services are scalable to any scope
  • Carixa RPA tools to automatically access, retrieve and append information from ERP and customer systems
  • Lightening-fast implementation, usually 2-4 weeks
  • Minimal IT requirement, and no consultants, as we handle the configuration
  • Continuing integrated process or on a project basis