Why SaaS is Such a Powerful Solution
Why SaaS is Such a Powerful Solution
Why SaaS is Such a Powerful Solution

Why SaaS is Such a Powerful Solution

In the past, companies bought, built, and maintained their IT infrastructures despite the huge costs because there was no choice. The Internet’s exploding bandwidth changed this, and Software as a Service (SaaS) is now a better alternative without the large investment. The SaaS model is growing exponentially because it offers serious business benefits.

SaaS applications including Carixa, the Smyyth enterprise credit, and accounts receivable software management system, are available anywhere in the world, 24/7, and are designed to be scalable for virtually all business needs. Here are some of the significant reasons why Carixa and SaaS have achieved spectacular growth.

Best-in-Class Software Solution

Carixa is a state-of-the-art system enabling companies of all sizes to achieve remarkable improvements in overhead costs, working capital, credit, and accounts receivable, resulting in more profit via accounts receivable automation.

Lower Costs

Unlike homegrown or third-party ERP systems that generally cost many millions of dollars, SaaS applications require little or zero investment for software development or maintenance, and require no IT infrastructure. The cost savings can be huge while providing a powerful solution almost immediately.

Painless Upgrades

The SaaS provider handles upgrades, routine updates, bug fixes, and even minor customization for you, as well as ensuring operational scalability in communications bandwidth, hardware, etc.

Seamless Integration of Data Transfer

SaaS developers for enterprise systems, like Carixa, have designed their systems to transfer data back and forth with ease and simplicity to interact seamlessly with virtually any application.

Carixa for the Enterprise

With Carixa for mid-market and global companies, it is a modular or an end-to-end solution for credit-to-cash. For the far-flung enterprise, imagine instant consolidation of subsidiaries’ credit risk and receivables management for both corporate as well as local views and control. Want to centralize operations, outsource, or decentralize? No problem, just set the rules and it’s done.

Carixa for the CTO

IT can focus on managing the core infrastructure, while the Carixa professionals customize and deploy this specialized application to users. While it has been designed to be self-managed by users on a day-to-day basis, the Carixa professionals are available to assist wherever and whenever they are needed.

To learn more about the Carixa software, contact us!

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