Robotic Process Automation Speeds A/R Collection, Reconciliation
Robotic Process Automation Speeds A/R Collection, Reconciliation
Robotic Process Automation Speeds A/R Collection, Reconciliation

Robotic Process Automation Speeds A/R Collection, Reconciliation

Administrative staff grinds through thousands of costly, mind-numbing, backlogged, and error-prone manual transactions. If you could eliminate this repetitive work, your staff could be redeployed to more important jobs.


The solution is Carixa Robotic Process Automation (“RPA”), either standalone or integrated with the Carixa Cloud Suite, SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Oracle, NetSuite, or your own legacy system. Carixa RPA automates repetitive activity for A/R, cash application, chargebacks, reconciliation, including autonomously accessing disparate internal and external systems (like trading partner portals) to complete a process.  The A/R system is synchronized to reflect these actions. Once it’s set up, Carixa RPA runs itself, and these low-value jobs get done error-free, in real-time, with no backlogs.


Carixa RPA automates both simple and complex if/then conditional-statement, multi-step operations. This includes many A/R functions, including a two-way pull-push interface with external trading partner portals. 

Here are a few obvious cases for streamlining routine accounts receivable management operations with Carixa RPA, which works for any customer, carrier, or logistics partner that has a web portal, like Amazon, Home Depot, Dicks, JCPenney, Kohl’s, Macy’s, etc.

  1. Advance Deduction Notices for pricing, returns, shortages, etc., so you can get a jump on them.
  2. Post Deduction Denials to big-box portals for faster resolution of denied claims.
  3. Identify Skipped Invoices before they are past due so you can get POD.
  4. Get Proof of Deliveries instantly or when the RPA-BOT identifies a past due invoice.
  5. Carrier Delivery Portals accessed on-demand for PODs, then attached to the A/R record. The same process also works for in-house, public warehouses, or any other web-facing systems.
  6. Bank Statement Auto-Retrieval of deposits, lockbox receipts, ACH receipts, and outgoing payments.
  7. Sales Tax Resale Certificates are kept up-to-date with RPA BOTs and appended to the file.
  8. Returns Variance Reconciliation with RPA “BOT” access to returns centers debit memo receiving data, then automatically reconciled against credit memo data, with auto-generation of chargebacks.

How do you start? Call us; we’ll identify actions, events, decisions, and rules, and Carixa Robotic Process Engine will automate it for you. No programming, no software, no hassle. You can start in as few as 14 days.



  1. Is it complicated? NO! We set it up and manage it to handle your tasks.
  2. Does it take a long time? The onboarding can be as short as 21 days, depending on the function.
  3. What’s the cost? A pittance compared to what you will save in labor.
  4. How do we find out more? Contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP..

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