achieve 99.9% straight-through cash application

What is "Auto-Cash Application"

The remittance cash application process needs to be completed daily and reconciled daily to update your accounts receivable, credit limits, and collections. Yet, most so-called "auto-cash" programs leave 25%-40% of work to do manually, which results in human errors and delays in reconciling the day's cash.

Carixa, the advanced Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, delivers a 99.9% automated cash application result that works seamlessly with your existing ERP system and includes lockboxes, credit cards, ACH payments, etc.

Auto Cash Workflows

Carixa 99.9% Auto-Cash Application

The Carixa cash processing engine is configured to quickly clear and match remittances to invoices, credits, and deductions. When a new deduction or dispute is created, it jump-starts the deduction resolution workflow. Our powerful, multi-level matching algorithms and automated debit and credit transaction creation and workflow enable you to achieve 100% automated processes for your accounts receivable cash application. Here’s a brief video to give you a better idea of what this system can do for your business:

Carixa cash application automation works seamlessly with your present A/R system or is integrated with Carixa modules for collections, credit, and deduction management. Using this breakthrough intelligent cash application technology, we get 99.99% completion rates, with data from lockboxes, credit cards, ACH, etc., and with workflow pushing unreconcilable deductions into the resolution queue.

Automatic 99.9% straight-through completion

Interprets and processes BAI, EDI, PDF, emails, and spreadsheet data

Optional scanning/OCR automation

Automatic data extraction from email, attachments, customer portals

Parent-child matching, customer-level rules

Multi-variable field matching

Automatic deduction recoding

Tests for earned and unearned discount rules

Automatic chargebacks and debit memos direct into workflow

Implement Carixa Auto Cash Application

Achieving on-time and accurate cash applications on a daily basis will keep your accounts straight and help you accelerate collections and deduction resolution — it’ll save your business money. This cash application software streamlines laborious and complicated tasks associated with your accounts receivable.

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