Carixa Cloud 100% Auto-Cash 

On-time and accurate cash application services are essential to your business and need to be reconciled daily for accounting, credit, and collections.

So-called "auto-cash" programs leave 25%-40% of manual work, which results in delays in reconciling the day's cash. The Carixa™ cash processing engine is configured to quickly clear and match remittances to invoices, credits, and deductions. When a new deduction or dispute is created, it jump-starts the deduction resolution workflow. Our powerful, multi-level matching algorithms and automated debit and credit transaction creation and workflow, enable you to can achieve 100% automated cash application.

The Carixa™ Solution

Carixa™, our revolutionary Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, delivers a 100% automation result via Carixa™ “Genius” Cash Application. This cash application service can be implemented seamlessly into your existing ERP system. Here’s a video we developed to help give you a better idea of what Carixa™ can do for your business:

Carixa™ “Genius” Cash Application works effortlessly with your present financial system or can be integrated with Carixa™ modules for Collections, Credit, and Deduction Management. Either way, you get real-time results in payment posting. Via our breakthrough automation software, Carixa™ melds data from Lockbox, ACH, and EDI files and delivers a comprehensive view of all of your accounts receivable data.

Automatic 100% match,  hands-free electronic application

Optional scanning/OCR automation

Automatic deduction, credit and debit matching

Automatic chargeback and debit memo generation direct into workflow


More Benefits

Interprets, translates, and processes BAI, EDI, PDF, emails, and spreadsheet data. Fast and accurate cash posting
Auto creation and coding of deductions Tracks Earned and Unearned Discounts
Tests for earned and unearned discount rules Real-time update of collection follow-up queue
Detailed on-line payment history Reduced held orders
Single interface to multiple ERP systems Reduced complexity, higher efficiency

Implement Carixa™ Today!

Achieving on-time and accurate cash application on a daily basis will keep your accounts straight and help you accelerate collections and deduction resolution — it’ll save your business money. Cash application services with Carixa™ put money back into your business and streamline what could be laborious and complicated tasks associated with your accounts receivable.

Don’t fall behind. Carixa™ is here to help. Questions about our breakthrough cash application services or how Carixa functions as a credit management software system? Please contact us.

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