Post-Audit Claim Policy Example
Post-Audit Claim Policy Example
Post-Audit Claim Policy Example

Post-Audit Claim Policy Example

Subject: Post Audit Deductions Policy 

Dear Customer:

To expedite the resolution of Post-Audit deductions, and avoid disputes with our trading partners, we are sharing our corporate policy statement outlining the procedure and rules for accepting and processing these claims. 

Deduction Timeline Requirements

  •  You must allow us 75 days to research post-audit claims and respond before taking a deduction. Deductions violating this will not be honored.
  • All claims must be submitted within 18 months of the year being post-audited. For example,  post-audit claims for 2022 must be submitted no later than June 30, 2024. Otherwise, they are deemed invalid and will not be considered by us. If deducted, they must be repaid.
  • Claims for shortages or other transportation issues must be presented within six (6)  months so that we can investigate and file claims with carriers where appropriate.
  • Documentation Requirements for Submission. Complete documentation sufficient for us to properly research the post-audit deduction must be provided, including.

Promotion Deductions

  • Deal sheets, or contracts signed or issued by us.
  • Documented Proof of performance
  • Backup documentation detailing the specific reason for the post-audit deduction is required for each individual deduction. This includes official deal sheets that relate to the original transaction, proof of performance,  invoice copies, purchase orders, etc.  Deal sheet examples or those relating to other regions or dates will not be accepted.

 Pricing Deductions (not Promotional)

  • Back-up documentation must include the invoice detailing the specific reason for the deduction.
  • Supporting pricing documentation (Orders, price sheets, etc.)  to prove your pricing claim
  • Backup documentation detailing the specific reason for the post-audit deduction.

Shortage Deductions

  • A signed proof of delivery or bill of lading showing shortage and all discrepancies noted or, in case of a container load, the seal number, and statement of the condition of the intact seal at the time, signed by the driver at the time of delivery.
  • Listing of all products received by SKU,  including not only shortages but also overages.
  • All backup documentation supporting the deduction to allow a full investigation,

Communications Policies

  • We will communicate with the post-auditor or customer on any issue as we deem appropriate to resolve or come to an agreement on a claim. Our communications will not be limited to the post-auditor.
  • A specific point of contact must be provided if we need to communicate with the post-auditor.

Post-Audit Deductions that will not be considered or accepted include:

  • Claims not meeting the policies described above include:
  • Claims for transportation shortages or loss that exceed six months of age
  • Claims without complete backup documentation.
  • Payment cash discounts or anticipation.
  • Nuisance charges, including deduction, documentation or coupon processing fees.
  • Duplicate deductions, triplicate deductions.


  • If post-audit claims are deducted and do not comply with these policies, they will be rejected. If deducted, repayment will be required within thirty days.

Address for Post-Audit Submission.  

All post-audit claims must be submitted to the following address:
Your Physical and Email Address and phone number

If you have any questions, please let me know.



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