Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Compliance

We use Robotic Process Automation for maximum results

Eliminate overhead expense

Improve compliance

Reduce audit penalties and stop overpaying sales tax

States across the country are aggressively auditing for sales tax compliance. We can minimize your risk while replacing a cumbersome, expensive process.

Most companies obtain sales tax certificates manually, one at a time, file hard copies, and then attempt to follow-up to replace them on expiration. This is error-prone and expensive. We have the solution.

Our Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Service eliminates the headache, labor, and cost of collecting and maintaining sales tax certificates by combining our efficient back-office operations with cutting-edge Carixa™ technology employing RPA/AI for optimum effectiveness.

You get a comprehensive solution that eliminates the time spent requesting, collecting, updating, and storing certificates – while maximizing compliance and minimizing your risk.

These services are customized to fit your needs, but generally include:

We set up your customer list and establish rules, workflow and access permissions with new customers uploaded as they occur.

We obtain your sales tax certificates, monitor for expiration.

We scan or digitally capture the documents, index and archive them.

We monitor and renew certificates upon expiration.

You will have access to certificates and their histories on-line.

Management reports, dashboards and control documents are provided.

Implementation takes only a couple of weeks. Call us to find out how to get started.