Post-Audit Claims Research and Recovery for Your Business

We offer full-service post-audit claims defense and deduction recapture services, including state-of-the-art reconciliation and auditing technology.

Post-audit deductions are among the most difficult business issues faced by vendors, especially those in the retail channel. Most post-audit claims are generated by third-party auditors who are paid a commission to deduct claims. These post-audit claims cover business transactions one to several years old, and given the pressures of current business, they are difficult and frequently impossible to research. Further, the burden of proof is always placed on the vendor to challenge and disprove any claims.

Our experience is that up to 50% of all post-audit claims and deductions can be excessive or even entirely wrong. This can be attributed to an overzealous auditor, poor documentation of past transactions, or a misinterpretation of a trade promotion or terms.

Our Post-Audit Process

  1. Smyyth AuditPro technology will retrieve and analyze your support documents, including invoices, order files, shipping, trade promotions, and other pertinent records.
  2. The AuditPro team will reconcile the claims down to the detailed line item SKU level, something that other services cannot do.
  3. We approve legitimate post-audit claims that are correct and meet your policy parameters and reject the claims that do not.
  4. For erroneous or excessive deductions, we will work with the post-auditor and customer to recapture the monies for your business.
  5. You will receive a periodic Management Findings Report with actionable insights into root causes and recommended fixes.
  6. We provide Post-Audit Claims Management Services on either a one-time “cure” basis or as a continuous outsource process for a long-term solution.

Our Actionable Post-Audit Best Practices and Policies are available on our Insights Blog page, with Post-Audit Policy Guidelines that you can immediately put to work for you.


Fees are structured to make us partners in the outcome, creating a guarantee of recovery of monies or no charge. Our deduction and post-audit claims solutions can be focused on a specific category or customer, or to a general solution to this vexing issue.

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