Clean Slate Teams

Clean Slate Teams Cure A/R Backlogs

Our Clean-Slate™ Teams clear the backlog of low-value aged claims, deductions, reconciliations, and delinquent invoices. These “frozen” receivables produce negligible cash flow, and getting them cleaned up requires almost all of your personnel resources.

We have decades of experience solving these backlog issues, plus we deploy our Carixa automation software to make the process extremely efficient to deliver great results. You have the option of off-loading all or any part of the backlog to us, where it will be professionally managed end to end, and we can keep your system in sync.


More profits and guaranteed results

If you are implementing our world-class Carixa Cloud Suite, our Clean-Slate Teams give you a rare opportunity to start with a laser focus on work that moves the needle for your business vs. wasting time on low-value tasks. If you choose a competitor’s software, we still deliver our deep industry expertise, Consulting, and Clean Slate Team to help you to succeed. Our Clean-Slate approach enables you to redirect efforts to your core corporate mission of converting current A/R to cash flow.

Clean Up A/R Backlogs

  • Offload old 'frozen" receivables
  • Move the needle - re-deploy staff to cash flow
  • Increase cash recoveries
  • Recapture deduction leakage
  • Target deduction root causes
  • Clean up for new software

Service Details

After a very brief orientation and data file exchange, a dedicated manager and expert team run the project, employing the power of AI-driven workflow, write-off controls, management rules, dashboards, and metrics. And we always keep you in the loop with detailed dashboards and weekly recaps.

Our Clean-Slate Team projects are generally contingency-fee based, so we are full partners in the success of the engagement.

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Contact us to learn more about how this service can function independently or as part of an integrated accounts receivable solution.

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