Smyyth Turn-Key Reconciliation & Matching Services

High-volume reconciliations are nearly impossible with spreadsheets and routine tools, especially when the reconciliation is two or three levels deep, and includes data elements from multiple sources. Using the Carixa Matching Engine, we have developed advanced technology with RPA and AI to solve this problem, enabling us to complete in minutes of processing what would take months manually.

We provide a one-time backlog cure or a long-term solution as a 100% turnkey service.  One example, for product returns, we start with the RMA and match electronic data from debit memos, receiving, credit memos and data from any digital source, including customers, processing centers, warehouses, and your various internal systems. We detail the granular differences, examine and resolve the exceptions, and produce detailed reconciliation reports.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Using RPA, we capture relevant data and documents from internal and external disparate systems and sources. Then, we match and reconcile with configurable multi-factor and multi-stage processing for unprecedented results, on any scale.

One-to-One, One-to-Many, or Many-to-Many Matching

We can use sequential, conditional two, three or even four-level matching. For example, for product returns matching, after invoice, RMA, debit and credit memos, the system can proceed to match SKU, quantity, and price,

Accounts Receivable Backlogs

Unapplied Cash

Product Return Variances

Accounts Payable


Post-Audit Deduction Analysis



The Smyyth team can handle any size reconciliation, whether the problem is a massive rebuilding of hundreds of thousands of records or a single strategic customer dispute. Through the use of configurable matching rules, field-level matching, multiple sourced data, tolerances, and string searches, the outputs are presented for final approval. After review and a simple online approval, your reconciled transactions are completed, and financial records updated.


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