™Carixa Cloud Collections Management

Your company demands best-in-class collection results but may not have a powerful “collection production” tool to drive the invoice collections function. Legacy systems are inadequate, ERP systems are complex to customize, or maybe you are still using Excel spreadsheets to manage your workload. Your productivity and cash flow can be improved by using Carixa.

Carixa provides a strategy-based Collection System that supports the unique business practices of multiple business units while ensuring defined policies, controls, and performance for best-in-class collection results.  Through the use of automation, workflows and unique coding schemas, your organization can achieve and surpass industry benchmarks and KPIs.  We incorporate historical and risk data to assign priorities that drive collections, and problem resolution workflows to keep receivable balances and past dues in line with corporate goals.

Achieve best-in-class DSO and cash flow, and reduce delinquency, and bad debts.

Assure outstanding results without adding staff with system-driven performance


More Benefits

Easy consolidation of multiple business units Corporate-wide view of collections performance
Workflows to drive collection activity Accounts prioritized to risk and 100% coverage
Matrix of transaction, reason, and status codes Application of policies across business units
Collector activity and performance is tracked Detailed audit trail for SOX and auditors
Dashboards and Reporting for corporate KPI’s Comprehensive, flexible reporting


Add Carixa Pay™ and Carixa Retriever™  to further transform your manual collection processes.

  • Carixa-Pay™ sends email reminders of payments that are due, with a link to a payment page.
  • The customer selects invoices to pay by credit card or e-check and can make full, on-account, or partial payments,
  • The customer can note any deductions or discrepancies, and attach documents and comments.
  • Carixa RPA Retriever™ can append a copy of the delivery receipt, electronically obtained from the carrier.

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