Proof of Delivery Retrieval Automated with Robotic Process (RPA/AI)

We provide a seamless Proof of Delivery Automation and Freight Claims Filing solution to prevent and recover deductions that have already occurred for loss, damage, or concealed shortages. This eliminates manual work, speeds collections, prevents time-bar situations, and helps uncover root causes of repetitive claims and deduction problems such as packaging, shipping, or purchase order compliance errors..

Carixa Retriever™ RPA/AI automates the process of getting proofs of delivery (PODs) from national transportation carriers (Truckers, UPS, FedEx, etc.,) as well as your logistics providers. This will speed your cash flow and reduce past due invoices.

  1. Workflow and action steps are configured to industry best practices as well as your policy.
  2. Automated PODs based on your rules, for example, automatically at 30 days past due).
  3. Seamless interfaces with shipper systems and appends PODs to the accounts receivable workflow.
  4. Automatically transmits PODs and invoice copies to the customer with a request for payment. If you use Carixa Pay, we also send a payment link to the customer.
  5. Appends the documents to collection or deduction workflow or file.

Proactive Option

Carixa Retriever™ can identify skipped invoices before they are past due, and download debit memos for shortages or other deductions before they have been deducted, and then trigger the automated POD, collection action, or deduction resolution workflow.

Freight Claims Filing

We have a solution for all shipping modes – Parcel, Courier, Truckload (TL), Less-than-Truckload (LTL), Air, Rail, Ocean, and Intermodal. We manage the entire process, from filing freight claims, documentation, workflow, and disciplined follow-up for an end-to-end solution.

  1. File and manage all freight claims.
  2. Our online system eliminates the need for back and forth emails, calls, and faxes.
  3. We provide real-time online reporting, histories, and Carrier Claims Agings.
  4. Our workflow controls assure on-time follow-ups and problem resolution.
  5. We analyze by customer and carrier to spot problems.

About the Carixa Cloud Platform

Carixa is a cloud-based system, eliminating the need for email chains, phone calls, etc., with all files and documents accessible when you need them and ensuring nothing is ever overlooked. There is no software or hardware to install. We offer a seamless interface with your systems and online management reporting dashboards. Carixa Retriever™ also provides advance notice of skipped invoices, shortages, and deductions, and capture of documents, debit memos (deductions), etc.


Start-up is easy. Like all our services, we handle the implementation and configuration, so there is minimal work on your side. A typical client can be up and running in 2-4 weeks.