Carixa-Pay – Electronic Payment Gateway

Automate your dunning and reduce your collections cycle by 50% or more with smaller customers. You will accelerate and simplify invoice collections by enabling online payments.

Carixa-Pay keeps your Collections Department open 24 hours a day. By clicking on a collection reminder, customers can view, print, pay and dispute invoices, and communicate with the credit department or sales. It can be added to our Collections and Auto-Cash modules or used separately with your receivables system.

  • Take days out of your invoice-to-cash cycle.
  • Eliminate all manual work administering these customer accounts
  • Resolve disputes before they become deductions
  • Assure outstanding results without adding staff with system-driven performance
  • GIve customers flexibility by taking credit cards or e-check payments.

Here is a simple example.

  1. Carixa-Pay sends automatic email dunning reminders, showing what needs action, and a link to the payment page.
  2. The customer views and selects the invoices to pay by credit card or e-check. You have the option of charging a credit card convenience fee.
  3. They can make full, on-account, or partial payments, noting any deductions, discrepancies, or comments, and attach documents.
  4. Using our RPA-powered Carixa-Retriever™, we can append a POD copy that we autonomously fetch from the carrier. 
  5. Cash application is completed, and disputes and deductions are routed to your staff through the Carixa workflow.

Carixa-Pay will improve customer service with a hassle-free payment method, freeing up staff from chasing collections by email and phone.

It means you get your cash faster with less collection and administrative work. Carixa-Pay can be added to our Collections and Auto-Cash functions or directly with your receivables system.

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