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We offer fast-start, modular accounts receivable, invoice-to-cash,  solutions to unlock working capital, accelerate cash flow, and reduce the revenue and profit dilution from customer deductions. Our state-of-the-art Carixa Order-to-Cash Cloud Suite includes autonomous operations, making us super-efficient.

Smyyth is a trusted advisor for over 100 years, having capabilities and technology that streamline accounts receivable operations to produce best-in-class DSO and cash flow, reduced deduction dilution, customer service, and profits.


Carixa Interface Screenshot

Collections, Deductions, Cash Application, or Full-Service Invoice-to-Cash

Automated by the Carixa Cloud Suite for Accounts Receivable

Our accounts receivable outsourcing services are powered by Carixa accounts receivable automation and can be either a comprehensive A/R solution or targeted to problem areas, with fast turnkey implementation and seamless integration. We can support your order to cash processes with our expert BPO staff and advanced accounts receivable management software.

The receivables management services offered by Smyyth will increase cash flow, reduce delinquencies and bad debts, and reduce profit dilution from customer deductions. To learn more about what we can g=help your outsource your collections, deductions, or cash applications, please contact us.

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