One Company or Global Conglomerate

Follow corporate risk guidelines. Consolidate, review and benchmark all receivables on demand.

Monitor and Benchmark Risks

Customers are monitored according to your guidelines. View and benchmark department, customer and business unit. Works with credit insurance criteria also.


Credit tasks are tracked and monitored through the process.

Auditable Credit Decisions

Credit approval histories, backup, and top management summaries.

Fast Implementation

Implementation can be as little as three weeks so you can see results in the first quarter.

Carixa™ credit management software will enable you to streamline credit decisions and monitoring. You can control the entire customer onboarding and credit monitoring experience.  Multi-subsidiary corporates can seamlessly manage credit risk at the corporate level while delegating day-to-day management to the subsidiaries or branches.

Carixa™ delivers numerous benefits that make managing your credit simpler. These include:


More Benefits

A-Z workflows Save time, eliminate repetitive work, and speed shipment of orders
Customer Scorecards Customize scoring models that fit your business
Portfolio Alerts Actionable alerts online and by email.
Portfolio Monitoring Actionable alerts online and by email.
Portfolio Benchmarking Benchmark metrics against KPIs
Portfolio Consolidation Visibility on a consolidated and company basis
Credit Workflow Tasks are managed via powerful workflow with escalation for approvals
Credit Documentation Histories and documents to support your credit decision

Using Carixa™ to Monitor Credit Risks

Carixa™ includes workflows, approval limits, exposures monitoring, action escalations, electronic signatures, documents, controls, and audit histories for SOX, and more. It is highly automated and controlled, so management can focus on what’s important risks vs. routine tasks.

Carixa™ Credit is just one component of a full cloud suite of software for receivables management, including:

Cash Application Services



If you wish to explore outsourcing as a solution, check Solutions.

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