Comprehensive Credit Management Services

At Smyyth, we provide full-service, or modular credit management outsource solutions, offering not only our professional capabilities but the implementation of credit management software that can transform the way you manage credit and accounts receivable. We are a single source for information, scoring, decisions, and management.

What Do Our Credit Management Services Do For Your Business?

Credit runs businesses. When your credit functions are not optimized, your business is at risk for losses and cash flow shortfalls. Our credit management services are custom, with a shared, professional credit staff working for you. Following your risk parameters policies, we administer your credit functions, monitor exposures, and suggest credit lines.

  • Fast new account turnaround with an automated credit application
  • Expert, consistent credit line assignment
  • Continuous account and portfolio monitoring
  • Credit limit reviews
  • Handle customer communications

Credit operations are automated with the Carixa™ Credit Management System, a collaborative internet system that offers features such as:

  • Automated workflows
  • Approval limits and exposures monitoring
  • Management escalations
  • Electronic signatures
  • Document management
  • Policies and Controls
  • Audit histories for compliance
  • Flexible reporting and 24/7 access

Carixa™ credit management can be expanded to include Accounts Receivable, Collections, Cash Application, and Deduction Management,

Your Trusted Partner in Credit Management

The credit management services at Smyyth take only a few weeks to implement.  Smyyth has been a trusted and effective partner for businesses for over 100 years, and now, with the revolutionary Carixa™ Cloud Platform, we can help your business be even more successful..

For more information on Smyyth’s credit management outsource solutions, please contact us.