Smyyth in its second century

Founded in 1906 in New York City as “Alberta-Smyth”, we have always remained steadfast in our commitment to the CFO and corporate credit departments. We have a long-term view with an intense focus on our mission.

  • Smyyth was a spin-off from Creditek Corp., then the leading company in the BPO business, when that company was sold in 2002. John Metzger, our Chairman,  was also Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Creditek.
  • We are a closely-held, debt-free company that is owned by experts who are deeply committed to excellence and service.
  • The Carixa™ Cloud Platform has been in use and under constant enhancement for a decade; it is state-of-the-art.
  • Our mission is to drive client cash flow and profits with automated accounts receivable management for every client, and every engagement.
  • The brand trademark “Creditek” was reacquired by Smyyth in 2013.
  • Credit2B, a revolutionary credit risk information technology, was sold to Billtrust in April 2018 to enable us to focus on our core mission.

Our management has deep expertise in credit, accounts receivable, cash application, collection, and customer deduction management.  Because of this, you can be sure that there is no learning curve and that we deliver the results we promise.

We are out to change the ways that companies work, by transforming revenue cycle operations into a profit contributor, and eliminating all redundant, low-value paper-shuffling through workflow automation, so that your people can focus on what really matters.

Results that matter™.