With so many ways to improve collections, reduce deductions, streamline daily processes and shift savings to your bottom line, Carixa is the Order-to-PROFIT™ system.

Experience-Driven Accounts Receivable SaaS Solutions

Carixa is a proven SaaS solution that solves your toughest A/R challenges… from true auto-cash application and deduction resolution, to collection dunning and credit management.

What makes us different is our deep industry knowledge that empowers the technology to work smarter for you. We apply over 40 years of accounts receivable automation software and hands-on operational expertise to create the most effective processes.

Automated Streamlined Processes

Carixa automates the detailed, day-to-day high-volume transactions that take so much time, and are critical to cash flow. It automates and streamlines all of your processes and reconciliations using robotics, including two-direction interfacing with vendor portals.

Consultative Approach

We listen to your needs and recommend the smartest solution to solve specific problems.

  • Feasibility studies with no sales pitch
  • Experienced A/R people who understand your needs
  • Our mission is intelligent automation and streamlined processes

Order-to-Profit Blog


Madhav Kale Joins as Vice President and CTO for the Carixa Order-to-Cash Platform

Madhav Kale has joined Carixa as Chief Technology Officer, responsible for this advanced cloud order-to-cash management system, which streamlines and automates accounts receivable processes for mid to large enterprises.

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Deduction Management

75% of Wholesaler Chargebacks are Wrong

Pervasive distributor deduction errors can really dilute your profits and consume manpower. This can cost you millions of dollars and…

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Blog (all)

Corporate Deduction Policy Statement

A written corporate Accounts Receivable Deduction Policy is needed to avoid problems with customers that take deductions without providing proof of their validity and sinking your profits as a result. The policy must be clear, and consistent policy enforcement is important.

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Accounts Receivable Management

Best Practices for Amazon Chargeback Management

In the last several years, Amazon has become a giant problem for its suppliers because of accounts receivable deduction chargebacks….

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Frank Buck Joins Carixa Cloud as Director-Product

Frank Buck has joined Carixa as Director of Product and will be responsible for coordinating Carixa’s development, and systems design,…

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