Software & Solutions Overview

Carixa Cloud Suite automation and Smyyth managed services for credit, collections, deductions, trade promotions, and cash application with workflows, autonomous processes and collaboration produce top DSO and better profits.




Credit Management

Automate corporate credit controls, scoring, monitoring, and credit lines, with full workflows, plus documents, auditable histories, and much more.

Carixa Credit Managed Solution

Collection Management

Automate collection departments, driven by cash flow strategies and collection priorities, with autonomous actions for a fail-safe collection process.

Carixa Collections Managed Solution

Deduction Management

Automate deduction management with workflow for managing discounts, returns, shortages, discounts, pricing, trade promotions for higher profits and customer satisfaction.

Carixa Deductions Managed Solution

Deduction Profit Recovery Services

Capture the lost profits from customer deductions and disputes, and identify root causes. Seamless, with great customer service. Guaranteed results or no fee.

Managed Solution

Trade Promotion Management

Automate and simplify trade promotion deal approvals, accrual tracking, communications, plus integrated deduction matching and workflow.

Carixa TPM Managed Solution

Matching & Reconciliation Services

Automated matching and reconciliation for any data, at any scale, including A/R and A/P. Clean up your books, reconcile return variances, collect your money.

Carixa Match-Recon Managed Solution

99.9% Auto-Cash

Automated Cash Application with powerful configurable algorithmic and multi-field matching, plus end-to-end chargeback workflow for a total solution.

Carixa Auto-Cash Managed Solution

Customer Portal & POD Services

Automate Vendor Portal and Carrier POD access and tasks, interpret, and processes data or documents using rules and learning, with end-to-end solution workflow.

Carixa Portals Managed Solution