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Robotic Process Automation uses technology to identify, capture, interpret, and process transactions based on configurable rules and experience, triggering responses, decisions, and actions and following them through to completion. The system is designed to copy the best-in-class practices and decision process, and apply it to the automated functional solution. Smyyth is a leader in the application of IA for order-to-cash.

Many functions can be completed end-to-end, enabling a high velocity order-to-cash operation. Using robotic processes also eliminates the often wildly-varying procedures used and results obtained by different people.

IA is best for processes that are repetitive and where data can be interpreted and acted on and completed with programmable rules. In many common corporate functions such as accounts receivable or accounts payable, established robotic process templates can make it painless to start using IA to great effect.


  • The ultimate in operational scalability
  • Labor cost elimination
  • Error free operations, higher quality
  • Eliminate many off-shored operations


Regardless of what repetitive tasks you need to get done, you will find that Intelligent Automation is built into Carixa. Carixa’s smart, robotic agents work in the background to enable routine work to be completed in real-time, without human interaction, and to be error free. In fact, Carixa can do many jobs that are virtually impossible to complete manually, such as massive detailed reconciliations.

  1. Carixa uses data and documents from any data sources (internal, external, online).
  2. Data is processed, analyzed and interpreted.
  3. Decision output based on configurable rules.
  4. Actions initiated according to rules.
  5. Workflow established for any follow-through.
  6. Automated and /or human response depending on the circumstances.

Whether you call the solution Intelligent Automation or Robotic Process Automation, the result is that these smart, engineered processes, workflow, decision trees, and algorithms can transform your operations. These advanced functions have been baked into Carixa, for quick and easy configuration and implementation.

These are a few examples of end-to-end automatic operations:

  • Real-time transaction processing vs backlogs.
  •  Detailed reconciliation of debits, credits, invoices, purchase orders, returns, inventory receipts, etc., down to the SKU, serial number and pricing.
  •  Analysis and interpretation of results.
  • Comparison of invoicing to receiving to produce debit memos for discrepancies.
  • Comparison of credit memos to debit memos to produce charge backs for excessive deductions.
  • Access third party (such as customer) systems to automatically download, interpret and act on data and documents; for example, advance notice of customer debit memos for resolution before deduction.

Intelligent Automation represents a transformation of the administrative workplace so that employees can focus on more important work. And, you reduce costs and overhead, to increase corporate profits.

Best of all, we manage this service for you, so you do not need in-house IT or scarce programming involvement. For more information go to our solutions page.