Accounts Receivable Cash Application

Cash application, invoice and deduction matching chart with Carixa SaaS systemsSmyyth’s Carixaâ„¢ powered services improve accuracy and speed, without the overhead or software investment. Here are just a few of the features.

  • Automated processing, lockbox, control file balancing, error handling.
  • Superior hit rates with configurable matching rules
  • Automatic Deduction/Chargeback Generation
  • Deduction routing and workflow
  • Problem resolution with your custom rules
  • Auto-fetching of customer data details
  • Secure, web-based hosted system
  • Data integration with your general ledger
  • Detailed SOX-ready audit trail
  • Matching Rules can be set for individual customers
  • Matching data from multiple data sources.
  • Character String Matching in multiple reference fields.
  • Short Pay Tolerance options
  • Credit – Debit reconciliation to the sku detail
  • Cash Discounts by type of discount, grace periods, with history
  • Parent/Child processing -one check against multiple accounts.