Project Implementation

Regardless of whether we are implementing a Services, Outsource or Carixa SaaS project for your organization, we complete a review to assure that we correctly understand your business, department structures, systems, etc., as well as mapping and connecting all the electronic linkages so that you have a seamless experience with us.

Since we handle our own implementations for our technology, there are no consultants you need to hire (except for any changes you need on your systems-side). We work closely and collaboratively with your staff to assure an on-time and successful handoff of responsibilities. We are quick studies, having completed this hundreds of times over decades in operation, and as a result require a minimum of time with your people. Our aim is always to deliver “best-in-class” results

Implementing a New Engagement

Pre Kick-Off
  • Talk with Management to identify corporate objectives and priorities
  • Talk with key team members for understanding of challenges and issues
  • Review data and numbers – understand volumes
  • Policy, data and document review
  • Review of ERP or other systems as they relate to our project
  • Do a GAP analysis to determine improvement potential by function
  • Estimate performance improvement potential and / or cost savings
  • Establish teams and train team members
  • Determine reporting and protocol
  • Meetings with your staff and our Project Managers
  • Preparation of staff communications (if any)
  • Establish KPIs and metrics for measuring progress
  • Process mapping of functional responsibilities
  • Data conversions where required
  • Establishing data links for the systems to update each other
Ongoing – Timetables, Deliverables and Check Points
  • Measure and report results against KPIs
  • Measure and report results against GAP analysis
  • Measure and report customer issues, and uncover root causes
  • Weekly quick updates
  • Once monthly management discussion
  • Periodically, a written report on deliverables and presentation of best practices.