Smyyth/Creditek offers credit-to-cash cloud automation, plus services to support the revenue lifecycle, driving reduced working capital, accelerating cash flow and increasing profits.


We’ll help you reduce operating costs with top-tier subject matter expertise, combined with best-in-class proprietary technology built especially for BPO and the needs of mid-market to very large enterprises.  Our services include Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), short-term “cure” projects, management consulting, and our extraordinary Carixa ™ SaaS software.


All companies have cash tied up in stagnant accounts receivable, in many cases “frozen” due to systems that do not effectively drive or prioritize collection, and in disputes and deductions in aged buckets. Solvable problems include:

  • Synchronizing the collection strategy with your cash flow needs.
  • Starting the collection process early, and not getting to all the accounts.
  • Focusing on the priority customers, the high risk, or chronic late payers.

The revenue and profit diluting effects of customer deductions eat away at your profits, in many industries over 5% of revenues, but often treated as an unsolvable “cost of doing business”.  While deductions cannot be eliminated entirely, they can be materially reduced with expert strategy and technology.

A material percentage of deductions are wrong, and should be repaid by the customer. Examples include invalid cash discounts, returns with incorrect pricing or shortages, invalid shipment shortage claims, or inapplicable promotional deals. We also often find that up to 50% of the post-audit claims are invalid.

Failure to handle deductions properly means that you will not identify the root causes, which means they will continue as a chronic profit loss.


Most corporate accounts receivable systems are effective at bookkeeping, but are not designed for revenue production environments. The impact of the right automation cannot be overstated, and our Carixa™ Platform has been designed with that objective. It is a modular, powerful, and customizable SaaS application that works with any ERP system, and is easily and quickly implemented by our team (no consultants required).

  • Carixa will integrate your strategy, priorities and plans with the actual work that needs to be done, so that staff is accountable for results.
  • Caria will streamline operations so the right priorities are always in front of the right people, and nothing is overlooked.
  • Carixa can incorporate data and documents from multiple systems.
  • Carixa uses Robotic Process Automation to automatically access customer documents and data and integrate them with internal work processes.
  • Carixa can transform your “auto-cash” cash application and produce a 100% hit rate.
  • Carixa can automate your entire revenue lifecycle from Credit through Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP).

Reduce your DSO 20% and past dues by 40% or more

Reduce your working capital needs

Double your deduction recoveries

Cut your overhead