Credit-Debit Line Item Matching and Validation

Depending on the industry, returns profit leakage (the variance between credit memos and debit memos) can cost you 5-10% of the amount returned every year. Customers short you on the return, return others’ goods, wrong product numbers, use the wrong price, and over deduct. You cannot collect the variances if you cannot reconcile to the granular line item detail.

  • You may be budgeting for this “dilution”; nevertheless, it is your profit lost forever.
  • Not carefully auditing returns tend to increase excess customer deductions.
  • The cost of this administrative overhead can be substantial.

Smyyth’s Carixa technology offers a revolutionary solution to reconcile down to the level of SKU, quantity, price detail and even serial number. Variances you previously expensed or wrote off can be verified and collected.

Returns Process Management
  • We start with the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), and match EDI data from debit memos, receiving data, credit memos and other data from any source, including customers, processing centers, warehouses, and your various systems.
  • We analyze the data using our proprietary matching algorithms, and match and reconcile even tens of thousands of data points.
  • We detail the variances, examine and resolve the exceptions, and produce detailed reconciliation reports.
  • We resolve exceptions with the customer, and recover your money.
Backlog Cure, or Long Term Solution

We provide a one-time backlog cure, or a long-term solution, and offer both SaaS and Full Service options. We provide complete turnkey services, with no software or hardware costs. You increase your profits substantially and cut overhead.