Security and Systems Performance

Our cloud-based technology was built from the ground  up to deliver enterprise level performance and security of our business applications, for both outsourcing and services, as well as licensing of Carixa, our advanced credit-to-cash platform.

Whether you are a middle market company or a large Fortune 500 enterprise needing performance-driven credit, collections, deductions and cash application bolt-ons to your ERP system, we have  simple, powerful solutions for you.

Our technology is designed to be modular, highly configurable and to work standalone or with any ERP or financial system

  • Hosted software-as-a-service
  • PCI Compliant
  • Open APIs and XML
  • Enterprise system-to-system data feeds, batch or real time
  • Workflow-oriented architecture

Our Carixa SaaS Suite is written with high level of security standards to protect data from unauthorized access. Our Data Center’s world-class, purpose-built SSAE16 certified facility equipped with fully redundant power supply for building and security management systems, and staffed by specially-trained, highly-experienced system and network engineers who actively manage and maintain the facility 24x7x365. This is one of the first commercially available facilities in the world with a three-factor security access requirement.