Security and Systems Performance

Our cloud-based technology was built from the ground up using cutting edge innovations to deliver enterprise-level performance as well as security of our data and Carixa business applications.

Whether you are a middle-market company or a large enterprise needing performance-driven credit, collections, deductions, and cash application bolt-ons to your ERP system, we have quick-to-implement, powerful solutions for you.

Our technology is designed to be modular, fully configurable, open, and secure. It will work as the A/R system of record or as a bolt-on to any ERP or financial system

  • Hosted software-as-a-service,
  • Support for standard and proprietary APIs, any type of input - output file formats, and customizable integration with other systems.
  • Enterprise system-to-system data feed, batch or virtual real-time.
  • Workflow-oriented architecture.
  • PCI Compliant, HIPAA Verified, and Privacy Shield Framework Certified.
  • Historically 99.99+ uptime.

Carixa Cloud Suite was created using best security practices to protect data from unauthorized access, and our platform is hosted by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, which was designed using security-first architecture. The Oracle public cloud delivers high customer isolation and automated protections with data residency, sovereignty, and cloud security at the core of its operations.