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Carixa RPA bots identify, capture, interpret, and then process transactions based on configurable rules, triggering automated actions, workflows, and decisions through to completion using best practices and decision processes.

Carixa RPA can eliminate almost any repetitive work accessible via your network or the internet. if you have a specific application, talk to us to see if Carixa RPA can solve it for you. Functions can be autonomously completed end-to-end, enabling a high-velocity order-to-cash operation. Robotic processes provide real-time performance while eliminating the delays and errors inherent in manual operations.

These are end-to-end turn-key services,  

There is nothing for you to implement, learn, program or manage. 

RPA is for processes that are repetitive and where data can be interpreted and completed with programmable or learnable rules. In many common functions in accounts receivable or accounts payable, robotic templates can make it painless to start using AI to great effect.

The ultimate in operational scalability

Labor cost elimination

Error-free processing, higher quality

Real-time transaction processing vs. backlogs

These are a few examples of RPA applications related to accounts receivable processes.

Fetch, deliver, interpret and act on documents from trading partner portals.

Access customer, carrier and internal systems to automatically download, interpret, and take actions.

Compare and reconcile deductions, credits, invoices, and orders, to SKU.

Compare credit memos vs. debit memos and issue chargebacks for excessive deductions.

Compare and reconcile returns vs RMAs vs. receiving documents.

Download advance deduction notices and debit memos.

Automate collection reminders based on risks and priorities.

Automate allocation of work to collectors.

Download and transmit proofs of delivery from carrier sites.

Regardless of what you need to get done, Carixa's smart, robotic agents work in the background to complete work in real-time, without human interaction, and error-free. Carixa can even do virtually impossible jobs to such as detailed mass reconciliations. These advanced functions have been baked into Carixa, for quick implementation.

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