Robotic Process Automation (RPA) refers to the use of computer software that controls and automates rule-based processes without the need for human supervision or labor.

RPA enables the automatic access, capture, manipulation, interpretation and action on data and documents from other internal and external systems, and then process a transaction, trigger responses and actions, and communicate with other digital systems, Think of RPA as a virtual “robot” that is able to automate repetitive tasks, and eliminate the related human quality and interpretation errors.

Robotic Process Automation software can perform many routine business processes by copying (and improving) the way people work with systems interfaces, including internet applications. Many business tasks can be performed entirely by RPI, and with 100% accuracy.

The benefits of RPA include:

  • Overhead savings, higher profit
  • 100% accuracy
  • Access the most detailed data capture
  • Ultimate flexibility and scalability
  • On-schedule, no delays or backups

RPA and Accounts Receivable Improvement

Smyyth’s Robotic Process Automation tools include the proprietary Carixa Retriever- RPA technology to identify, capture, interpret and process transactions based on configurable rules and experience, triggering responses and actions and following them through to completion. Smyyth is a leader in the application of technology for credit-to-cash — accounts receivable.