Many retailers issue pre-deduction notifications that inform a supplier of violations or other charges to allow the supplier to research and dispute (or issue credit for) a deduction before it is taken off a remittance.

Some allow you only 90 days for research to prove they’re wrong. Not only do you have a better chance to resolve a deduction in your favor if you jump on it quickly, but you will save time and work if you head it off before the remittance deduction.

By using automation that regularly checks customer portals to retrieve the pre-deduction notice and supporting documentation to your Deduction System will improve your recovery results and save labor too.

You need to look at two modules from the Carixa Suite to transform your operations from run-of-the-mill to high performance.

  • Carixa Retriever™ accesses Customer Portals and Freight Carrier websites to retrieve documents and data necessary to resolve deductions and receivables.
  • Carixa Deductions™ has workflow to prioritize deductions by type and probability of recovery in order to prioritize your time and maximize cash recoveries.