Accounts Receivable, Cash Application, and Deductions

Configured and Optimized for Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers


The full range of Smyyth Accounts Receivable,  Cash Application, Collection, Deduction,  Reconciliation, and Profit Recovery services are custom-tailored for pharmaceutical manufacturers and are backed with our deep experience in the industry and Carixa Cloud software.

Our software,  including Carixa Auto Cash Application, is specifically optimized for the pharmaceutical industry and configured to autonomously process all major distributors, wholesalers, and retailers, such as McKesson, CVS, Amerisource Bergen, Cardinal.

Our decades of service and experience in pharmaceuticals have demonstrated that we can deliver cash flow and recover profit leakage from deductions and reconciliation problems. Even in most well-managed companies, this continuous profit leakage is frequently budgeted as a “cost of doing business”, but this doesn’t need to be the case. Cash recoveries can double while rooting out the repetitive, systemic causes of such infractions. Our team has the staff, skills, and unique Carixa software to help solve your problem of any scope or scale.

  • 99.99% Auto cash application
  • Outsourcing and Backlog Recovery
  • Deduction Process & Recovery
  • Channel Inventory and Price Protection
  • Reconciliation of Returns and Debits
  • National Drug Code (NDC) detail  matching
    • Invoice Collection
    • Returns and recall reconciliation
    • Distribution claims
    • Rebates and Contract Pricing
    • Optimized Auto Cash for Pharma



We have extensive experience and are pharmaceutical industry specialists. All profit and revenue recovery projects are self-funding.