Accounts Receivable Software and Services

Optimized for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Smyyth Accounts Receivable,  Cash Application, Collection, Deductions,  Returns Variance Reconciliation, Trade Promotion Management, and Profit Recovery services and software are customized for pharmaceutical manufacturers, backed by decades of experience in the industry.

Our software, including Auto Cash, Deduction Management, and Returns Matching and Variance Reconciliation is specifically optimized for the pharmaceutical industry to process all major distributors and retailers such as McKesson, CVS, Amerisource Bergen, Cardinal.

The difference in what customers deduct for and what you receive often runs to a 10-15% overcharge between quantity and pricing. A recent case is typical: we reconciled a year’s 1,000 returns totaling $20M from a key drug retailer and found that client was overcharged close to $2M.

We can deliver cash and recover profit leakage from deductions and reconciliation challenges, including returns and recalls. Cash recoveries will result while uncovering systemic causes of repeat errors. We have the expertise and software to help solve problems of any scope or scale.

  • 99.99% Auto cash application
  • Outsourcing and Backlog Recovery
  • Deduction Process & Recovery
  • Channel Inventory and Price Protection
  • Reconciliation of Returns and Debits
  • National Drug Code (NDC) detail  matching
    • Invoice Collection
    • Returns and recall reconciliation
    • Distribution claims
    • Rebates and Contract Pricing
    • Optimized Auto Cash for Pharma



We have extensive experience and are pharmaceutical industry specialists. All profit and revenue recovery projects are self-funding.