We implement lightning-fast, but without any shortcuts in making sure that we correctly understand your business, structures, systems, etc., and mapping and connecting all the linkages so that you have a seamless experience with us.

We will preconfigure our software, including your rules and workflow. Because of our decades of experience, we are quick studies and require minimal time with your people. Our aim is always to make you outstandingly successful.

Enterprise-powerful accounts receivable software can be complex to set up. However, we’re the experts at this, and we keep the complexity behind the curtains and keep it simple for our clients. We set up the software so clients can just get on with their business from the first day on.

A. Onboarding and Project Management

We work closely and collaboratively with your staff to assure an on-time and successful handoff of responsibilities. This process is coordinated by a PMI Certified Business Analyst and Scrum Master with extensive onboarding experience in the Carixa platform.
Onboarding includes an extensive checklist and information inquiry. We review corporate objectives, document policies, processes and practices, and the organization structure, people, and responsibilities. Understanding the framework of the existing system is essential as we follow through to establish the streamlined workflows, KPIs, reporting, data conversions, user permissions, and autonomous functions, including the robotic processes. We’ll work with your team to schedule the data flow between systems so they always remain in sync.

B. Training and Operations – Day 1 Startup. Carixa software is very intuitive and designed to have staff effectively operational no later than Day 2. We provide remote training for all users, according to their roles, and will stick with them until they are fully effective, plus provide custom videos for key functions for reference at any time. Refresher training s also available. Furthermore, we’re just a call or email away with all USA staff for easy communication during business hours.

C. Startup Success Assurance..We don’t just get you going and then move on. We’ll be here to make sure you succeed. Also, we encourage weekly shared-screen meetings to discuss your progress, startup issues, and adjustments, including additional training if needed.

D. Progress – Continuing Support. You will have a highly experienced, dedicated Customer Sucess Manager as our day-to-day point person, who is always available by phone or email for any issue. Our programmers can also do custom reporting for you or requested re-configurations. Requests also include jobs like code conversion tables for new customers.