Rapid Implementation Plan

Our projects are implemented lightening-fast, but we do not take any shortcuts in making sure that we correctly understand your business, structures, systems, etc., as well as mapping and connecting all the linkages so that you have a seamless experience with us.

Our basic modules are pre-configured and ready for your rules and workflow, which we configure for you.

Since we handle our own implementations, you should not need consultants or lots of IT work. We work closely and collaboratively with your staff to assure an on-time and successful handoff of responsibilities. We are quick studies and require minimal time with your people. Our aim is always to deliver “best-in-class” results.

A. Pre-Kick Off

  1. Learn corporate objectives, priorities, challenges, and issues
  2. Review policies, practices, and systems
  3. Do a GAP analysis and estimate financial improvement
  4. Train Smyyth team members

B. Commencement

  1. Meet with your staff and management
  2. Map processes
  3. Establish KPIs and reporting protocols
  4. Data conversions where required
  5. Establishing data links and system update schedule
  6. Provide client staff with Carixa access

C. Ongoing – Timetables, Deliverables, and Check Points

  1. Measure and report results against KPIs and GAP Analysis
  2. Report and customer issues, and root causes of problems
  3. Weekly flash updates
  4. Monthly management discussion
  5. A periodic report on deliverables and presentation of best practices