Forensic Reconciliation

Corporate Management
Credit Managers
Internal Audit
CPAs – Auditors
Financial and Lenders

When things go wrong, they sometimes go really wrong, requiring a review, rebuilding, validation and reconciliation of thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of customer transactions. The Carixa Matching Engine has unique and powerful forensics reconciliation capabilities. Once the project is set-up by us, our powerful software can process, match and reconcile a file of tens of thousands of transactions in, literally, a couple of minutes of processing time.

We can perform one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many matches, on any scale.

We perform the entire service for you, and deliver the analyses and exception reports you need to make decisions, and take corrective action quickly.

  • Rebuild years of accounting transaction files
  • Match debits and credits and deliver exceptions
  • Clean up the accounts receivable in preparation for an audit
  • Identify misapplied cash or credits
  • Identify customer deduction losses
  • Validate invoices vs. shipping records and proofs of delivery
  • Untangle mass match-offs and identify actual customer receivable and liability values
  • Determine sales invoiced vs. returns by customer with SKU, registration, control number or serial number
  • Audit accounts payable – invoices, purchase orders, receiving, etc.